Not the Typical July

The weather surely signals that it's midsummer, but the slow start to the real estate year means that the dog days of summer have a little more life to them. We are still seeing new listings, new offers, and new sales. Our web hits doubled from May to June. There was a downward blip for the Fourth of July, and then they went up again. People are clearly thinking about buying and selling, even if every contract seems a long and tortuous process.

On that note, I was spending the weekend in Vermont last weekend with a friend from North Carolina. She was trying to close the sale of a commercial building, which she had sold already once and it had fallen through. She was in negotiations with the new buyer on the day before what was supposed to be the closing. Her husband was bemoaning her travails. I told him that MOST commercial contracts seem to fall apart at least once, and that it is, unfortunately, very common for the buyer to come back at the last minute and ask for concessions, often due to financing conditions. Even in residential, we have a number of contracts now that seem to have taken on a life of their own. They go on and on, with delays, threats, changes, grandstanding, and probably tears. I'm telling you this so you won't take it personally if it happens to you! Forewarned is forearmed.