Announcing a change at McQuaid Commercial:

Cleary O’Farrell has departed recently to pursue her photography career full time. She was the first employee of McQuaid Commercial and was completely dedicated to the company, often working evenings and weekends, especially when the company first started. Cleary was the driver behind most of the social network avenues that are in use by McQuaid today. She led all marketing efforts and oversaw all design and web structure as well as the day-to-day operations of the company.

When Cleary came to McQuaid she said that she was attracted to a start-up company in a highly competitive and well established business but that she intended to one day start her own company to do what she loved most, photography. The past year or so she has received great accolades and a significant increase in the photography business so that she now has the book of business established sufficient to allow her to do what is most attractive to people about this country: start her own business.

Everyone at McQuaid wishes Cleary tremendous success and she will be terribly missed. If anyone needs great professional photography work at below market pricing they should contact her directly at: