A Year Later

Just over a year ago, I experienced a life altering event. One morning I woke with a slight tingling sensation in the tips of my fingers and what felt like a pulled muscle in the back of both of my legs. Thinking that I must have slept wrong, I went about my business that day and didn't think too much about it. The next morning when I woke up I was much worse and by that evening had trouble walking. I went to the ER at UMC and was admitted. I ended up staying 10 days in the hospital for Guilliam Barre syndrome. I am happy to say that I have no long term effects from being temporarily paralyzed, other than I've managed to keep off some of the weight I lost.

During my time in the hospital I found out just how lucky I was. My good friend, Matt Pellerin, a Paradise Valley Realtor along with my friend Max Chirkov, set up a fund raiser to help pay my bills while I recovered. Specifically I'd like to thank my friends Jeff Manson in Hawaii, Ken Smith in Arlington Heights, Glenn Ginsburg in Naples and Toby Barnett in Marysville for their generousity, support and continued encouragement. So many people offered help is so many ways, it was truly humbling. My good friend and neighbor Vera Mischke and her family probably mobilized half of Omaha to pray for my recovery. I am truly lucky to have such a neighbor and good friend. And a special thank to you Anna Bourland and Kristina Davis at Advanced Access.

Some people also started their own fund raising efforts, like Gary at US Real Directory and others like my friends Larry Hotz in Denver, Mack Perry in Atlanta, Cal Carter in Gulf Shores, Wayne Long in Columbus, Eric Blackwell, Greg Swan in Phoenix and Eric Bramlett in Austin helped out in other ways.

The internet is probably the greatest commerce vehicle ever invented, but it also has allowed me to make friends all over the country as you can see. So many people helped I couldn't possibly mention them all. Friends of my brother and sister also sent their support, which speaks very highly of my siblings and their friends. I would also like to thank the following people for their generousity and prayers for my recovery:

Jonathan Yudin
Grant Freer
Deborah McCreath-Akbar
Joseph Ferrara
Jay Thompson
Wasabi Design, Inc.
Jason Farris
Dan Connolly
Kristi Berg
Sherry Baker
MediaQuake, LLC
James Duncan
Mike Farmer
Erich Caparas
Margaret Woda
Melissa Caulk
Kevin Kling PA
Larry Jensen
Barber Virtual Assisting Solutions LLC
Caleb Mardini
Susan Withington
Laurinda Frederick
Lisa Martin
Anna Hackman
Drew Hartanov
Dena Davis
Lynda Eisenmann
Paul Davis
Courtney Miller
Eileen Pettengill
Erin Cristall
Kellee Davis
Steve St John
Taeyoung Lee
Tenchi Hamaki
John Palmer
Art Derailed
Vlad Zablotskyy
Glenn Timme
Martin Barringer
Ray Lancon
Lesley Reppeteaux
Maureen Francis
Stephen Toms
Martin Barringer
Kristal Kraft
Elton Blair
Steven Haffner-Stearns
Karen Hurst

This is of course, an imcomplete list. There are many, many more people that made a difference. Thank you all.