No Time Like The Present

By Natalia Beran, McQuaid Agent

For the status quo people looking at the past, present and future generally seem to focus more on reflecting on the past and the future rather than placing importance on the PRESENT. Overly cautious because of the past and overly anticipating the future is the "soup du jour" and commonly reverberated amongst investors.

Anticipation of what the future might bring whether it's a buyer hoping for prices to fall significantly or a seller trying to sell at past prices, one often neglects the PRESENT. Maybe it's because the PRESENT is a fleeting moment that quickly becomes the past, but it is in that instant that determines the potential for your future. A seller waiting for offers reminiscent of the past will likely overlook PRESENT day offers that are still solid offers. A buyer waiting on the sidelines trying to anticipate the future all the while holding out for better deals down the road will likely miss out on PRESENT day deals to be had.

Take hold of the PRESENT and see what today brings; those deals that exist today quickly become either the past or what your future will bring.