Chester the Molester Goes on Trial

chester stiles arrested
Chester Stiles is in court today, facing the charges of child molestation leveled against him in late 2007. Stiles who I dubbed Chester the Molester is facing 22 counts of sexual assault of a minor and lewdness with a minor. Stiles videotaped himself having sex with a 2 year old girl that testified today. The courage this young girl has is amazing.

Thankfully, it looks like Chester will be spending more time in prison. Deptuy District Attorney Mary Kay Holthus produced letters from Stiles stating he is a pedophile. The letters were written to his ex-girlfriends and son.

During opening statements, Deputy District Attorney Mary Kay Holthus quoted extensively from letters Stiles had written to his son and ex-girlfriends where he freely admitted that he’s a pedophile. Those letters plus the video tape should guarantee that this predator is locked up.

Stiles was caught in a routine traffic stop in Henderson. Way to go HPD!