e-Resources For Advertising Your Rental Property

In this age, there are more advertising options than ever.

As most people find rental properties online, having a dedicated webpage for a rental property is a great way to catch those online seekers. A simple page stating the address, property description, photos and contact information is exactly what will help bring people to you. Add more pages to your site to add interest, and show different unit types and neighborhood attractions. This will reduce your future renters’ search time, and give you a quick way to show exactly what is available and how great your property is.

Another tool is Twitter. Twitter is a constant feed of live information from many sources, and you choose your network. It’s a great way to show your property has a pulse and is desirable, bringing people into the world of your building. Use Twitter to post or ‘tweet’ any vacancies, announce neighborhood gatherings, markets and festivals, road closures. Be aware though, that all posts are public unless you choose to ‘protect your tweets’. Protecting them only allows those ‘followers’ (eg. your tenants) to see your tweets. If you are sharing building information this might be a good idea.

Google Maps has a way you can list your business (or property) for free. You may have noticed when looking at them that you can see business names and neighborhood features on the map. You can get yours on the map by setting up a business listing with Google. You will also have a chance to set up a Google Places account which is like an online phonebook ad; all your property’s contact information and reviews, plus a link to Twitter, photos you upload – anything to help market your property. Google can also keep track of your search traffic and how many times people click on your map listing (and/or website)! Simply go to www.google.com/placesforbusiness to get started and set up your account.

These resources can cut your advertising time in half, and make your life easier when vacancies happen. The more time you can spend on your building (and not in the office) the better.