Will It Ever Stop Raining??

You must wonder what IS good for real estate, if we complain about snow and we complain about rain and we complain about heat and we complain about sunshine, but the truth is that people look at real estate when the weather is good but not too good. There is a human aversion to getting wet (although my dog seems to share it...) that keeps people indoors when it's pouring. There is also a natural tendency to want to go somewhere outdoors when the weather is beautiful. That leaves in between days to shop for property. Rain may be better than snow, because it doesn't fill up your driveway, and both are probably preferable to ice, but nothing that causes gray skies is ideal for showing property. Not too much looks good in gloomy light.

So we know that we're not the only ones wishing that the sun would come out, but we have our reasons. And they just add to all the other reasons that we--and you--are ready for spring!