Real Estate Fund Returns

The interest for real estate fund is disappearing. The current representative poll of "TNS" on behalf "Robeco Germany" among 350 investment advisers shows that sales of real estate fund is currently declining. In the 3rd Quarterly assess only 48 percent of the sales consultant position to be positive - that is nine percent less than in the previous quarter.

The economy is recovering in Germany. In October, corrected-known economic institutes, the forecast for gross domestic growth in 2010 was clearly up.
The positive outlook for property funds do not apply, however: Your paragraph is to date. Attesting to the latest survey of "Robeco" under 350 investment advisers:
Assessed in the previous quarter 57 percent of respondents still on the market for real estate funds as well, are now only 48 percent - almost a tenth less.
The view forward is obscured. For the next six months expect 38 percent increases in unit sales of the consultants. That's 4 percent from the previous quarter.
"Trust in the property fund last through the settlement of individual funds suffered greatly," says Kai Röhrl, Head of Third Party Distribution of "Robeco". "Sometimes in error, for we are not real estate funds be lumped all. Generally, investors, business, the result of economic data brightened again strengthened to equity funds. Particularly the emerging markets continue to score points with a positive outlook. "

Mutual funds: paragraphs back, expectations remain positive

The sale of mutual funds in the 3rd judge Quarter, 27 percent of the consultants as well. They are 8 percent less than in the 2nd Quarter. By contrast, the expectation of good sales. More than a third of respondents - 37 percent - credit for the next six months with good sales figures. This is an increase of 2 percent compared with the previous quarter.

Equity funds: Paragraphs pull slightly, expectations little changed

The paragraphs in equity funds have increased slightly. Compared to the previous quarter sales position to assess the 3 per cent more consultants to be positive. That's 16 percent of all respondents. Few consultants have their positive sales expectations compared to 2 Quarterly change (-1%). Sun expects at least half of the surveyed consultants (45%) for the next half-year with increasing sales.

Bond funds: paragraphs and prospects virtually unchanged

Compared to the 2nd Quarter, the sales situation and the expectation with respect to pension funds has remained virtually unchanged. With a drop of 1 percent report 16 percent of respondents good sales figures. The number of consultants, the increase in sales for the next six months expect to remain, 13 percent of unchanged (+ / -0%). The current survey results confirm the slight upward trend in pension funds.

Money market funds: sales situation further act, expectations of positive

After the depression in the 2nd Quarter is sales of money market funds continue to behave. Only 14 percent of the consultants to assess the sales situation in money market funds as well. This is only 1 percent more than in the previous quarter. Although the advisers remain cautious for money market funds. But now believe at least 9 percent of the investment adviser - and 2 percent more than in the 2nd Quarter - from increasing sales in the next six months.

Hedge Funds: paragraphs and prospects remain low

According to the survey quarter, the sales situation of hedge funds in the 3rd hardly improved. After all paragraphs valued just under 1 percent of the investment adviser as well. In the last quarter of the consultants had not drawn a positive conclusion. Also for the next six months, the consultants expect any major changes: The number of those paragraphs, the increased number is expected to remain unchanged at 1 percent (+ / - 0%).

The adviser sentiment index for mutual funds decreased slightly: Compared with the previous quarter, the index falls by 0.3 percent and now stands at 99.8 points.