Russian buyers in Bulgaria

The property market in Bulgaria continues to be the first in the list of Russian property portal, which oversees the interests of Russian buyers of overseas property, two years now. Accordingly, in July the country's share of total search queries in the database offers the portal has grown to a record 21.55 percent. For the previous June, he was just under 20%.

Previous record in list Bulgaria has made in November 2008 - 21.27%.

Although the increased interest in Bulgaria difference between coming home and favorites do not increase as interest ranks second to Germany in July also increased compared to June

The ranking of the most popular destinations from Russian property buyers abroad remained stable third consecutive month, in top 10 occur only one amendment - Turkey gave the eighth place of Montenegro.

Estimated share continues to decrease the interest of Russians to the United States and Finland indicated by the portal. The property market in the Republic has ceased to decline in the rankings in May and June and again closer to fifth place, now occupied by Italy.

Reported by analysts on the site in May and June increased interest in "warm" countries in July has stabilized and even begun to decline. This is not surprising - in Moscow and St. Petersburg thermometers showed between 30 and 40 degrees. Most interest has fallen to the Russians to Turkey (from 3.93% to 3.32%) and Egypt (from 2.04% to 1.79%).

Outside the top 10 in July significantly increased interest in Thailand, Estonia, Sweden and Cyprus, while losing positions Lithuania and Hungary.

Top 10 countries in the interest of Russian property buyers abroad in July 2010
(The share of total search queries)

Bulgaria - 21.55%
Germany - 10.86%
Spanish - 7.22%
USA - 5.62%
Italy - 4.78%
Republic - 4.47%
Finland - 3.85%
Montenegro - 3.77%
Turkey - 3.32%
France - 2.88%