Decline of construction in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is among the countries with the largest decline in construction in June

For the tenth consecutive month Bulgaria ranks in the top three EU countries with the largest decline in new construction. This show Eurostat data for the construction sector of the EU in June.In this month Bulgaria reported 17.5% decline on an annual basis in its new building.

Larger decreases in June recorded only Hungary and Slovenia. Since September last year, Bulgaria every month located among the three countries, where annual new construction declined the most. The largest decline recorded our country in December, when the index plummeted 33.3% yoy.

A monthly basis (compared to May) the new construction in Bulgaria, however, reported growth of 0.2 percent. This corresponds with a monthly increase of construction in the EU from 3.5%. In some countries such as Romania, is adjusted monthly growth of over 16%.

Steady increase compared to May shows and new construction in Spain, which increased by over 7 percent (and annual - with more than 18%). Zhilishshtniyat sector of the country suffer even before the economy went into recession. This led to a decline in property prices, financial problems for many construction companies and growth in unemployment among Spaniards - currently the second highest after that in Latvia.

Pan-European data show that annually, on a monthly basis and there is growth in constructing a building within the EU. Over the past 12 months the new building is maintained primarily by infrastructure projects, while construction of buildings declined dramatically.

Therefore, these data can be taken as a signal that investment in property recovered smoothly after declined substantially in 2009 In June, constructing a building in the EU increased by 7.5% annually, but growth in the euro area is 6.4 cent.

Some of the most expensive real estate markets - such as the British already seen a small increase in housing prices. According to GDP data express the EU economy has expanded in the second quarter by 1.7% yoy. This is the biggest growth in gross product of the union since the economic crisis.

Despite these statistics, some analyst companies such as Yurokonstrakt "not optimistic. A month ago the agency launched an analysis in which the expected construction sector in Europe to shrink this year.

In 19 European countries with the largest construction market is expected to decline in the sector of 4% by end of 2010 because the suspension of state aid and the economy slow recovery. The construction sector in these countries declined by 3.1 percent in 2008 to 8.8 percent in 2009 and is expected to start growing before 2011, according to economists' Yurokonstrakt.