Garden Therapy

Some have a green thumb and forget all the problems taking care of plants and flowers in a garden or a terrace. But even those who have never tried it, can try this therapy, achieving great advantages.

The Garden Therapy, or ortoterapia, is a genuine alternative medicine for 'soul and body.
Founded in 1300 when Irish monks tended gardens to combat depression, but is now used throughout the world, especially in rehabilitating people with Alzheimer's, disabled and as supportive therapy in the treatment of addictions.
This form of natural medicine has proved very useful in treating forms of stress and anxiety, more and more present today.
Busy with a piece of land or of any vessel combines an excellent exercise to practice relaxation.
In addition, the garden ol 'garden requires constant care that requires commitment and passion.
Verder satisfaction from growing the plants and nurtures a deep trust even the most pessimistic.

If you are new to gardening, but want to use this method as stress, one can begin to cultivate herbs: they are the most robust and easy to grow even on the balcony.
Their scent communicate messages that awaken awareness and invite you to establish a relationship with them.

In one corner of the balcony, try putting those most important to health: melissa sleeping good for digestion, marjoram, thyme against bronchitis, rosemary to have more energy.