Popular Posts of 2008

Another year has come to an end. 2008 was pretty rough for businesses and consumers alike. Massive foreclosures, unprecedented fraud, huge bailouts and one crisis after another and yet we survived. Las Vegas has been pretty hard hit since tourism and construction are the main engines of our economy. The news isn't all bad though. The massive foreclosure glut has driven down home prices, making them affordable again for the average homebuyer. Steve Wynn decided to not stop development of the Encore resort and it opened on time and has done well. The following list of posts are based on traffic over the past year in no particular order. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a terrific new year.

  • The Monte Carlo Fire The start of the new year news cycle started with this fire.
  • Barack Obama Town Meeting This meeting was a harbringer of the effect Obama would have on Nevada voters. The venue was woefully undersized and staffed for the massive crowds that turned out.
  • Spaceship House for Sale A short video about a spaceship home for sale as well as examples of other spaceship homes around the United States. Check out the Futuro, home of the future circa the 1960's.
  • OJ Verdict America's fascination/disgust with Orenthal has died down a bit since his first criminal trial, but plenty of people were interested in the final verdict.
  • Top Five Las Vegas Condo Communities Everyone loves lists. Lists my picks for the best condo communities Vegas has to offer.
  • Spammed by a former "Apprentice" The repeated spamming by a former apprentice of the "Don". I doubt he advocated that technique. No wonder she was fired.
  • Health Crisis The legal battle with this clinic is still ongoing. My father actually went there, thankfully he didn't contract Hep C.
  • Renters Protect Yourself Earlier this year many renters were finding themselves thrown out due to foreclosure. Thankfully, many banks are realizing having a tenant in a property isn't a bad thing.
  • How I spent my Summer This past summer I was diagnosed with a rare, progressive syndrome that led to full paralysis. Thankfully it was treatable and I am fully recovered.
  • Rental Scam on Craigslist These scams are still going on, despite plenty of coverage warning people.

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