Mos Def in Trouble

Why is it when celebrities come to Las Vegas, they inevitably end up in trouble with Metro? The big news of course has been the conviction of O J Simpson by a Nevada jury on 12 felony counts.

But he isn't the only celebrity (well, former in his case) that was wanted by Metro. Apparently rapper/actor Dante Smith aka "Mos Def" has an arrest warrant issued for malicious destruction of property and felony robbery. It all started in earlier this year in August, he threw a man's camera on the ground and then took it. Allegedly Mos Def mistook the camera's owner as a paparazzi. It turned ouf that the owner of the camera, Volker Corell, was a staff photographer for the Men's Apparel and Garment Industy Convention that was in town during that time.

If you wondering why its taken several months for charges to appear for such a serious issue, that's where it gets a little lame. According to Cornell, he cites an injury to his hand and private property...okay. Some how I thihk they will some kind of "settlement" coming around for the replacement of the camera.

Coincidentally, Mos Def has a new movie called Cadillac Records where he plays Chuck Berry on December 5th. There is no such thing as bad publicity...